Investor Relations

Investor Relations Communications

Stockholder and Other Interested Party Communications with the Board, Lead Independent Director and/or Non-Management or Independent Directors

The Board welcomes communications from the Company’s stockholders and other interested parties and has adopted a procedure for receiving and addressing those communications. Stockholders and other interested parties may send written communications to the Board, its Lead Independent Director and/or the non-management or independent directors by writing to the Board or the non-employee directors at the following applicable address: Board / Non-Employee Directors, HC2 Holdings, Inc., 450 Park Avenue, 31st Floor, New York, New York 10022, Attention: Corporate Secretary. Communications by e-mail should be addressed to and marked “Attention: Corporate Secretary” in the “Subject” field. The Corporate Secretary will review and forward all communications from stockholders or other interested parties to the intended recipient, except for those communications from stockholders or other interested parties that are outside the scope of Board matters or duplicative of other communications by the applicable stockholder or interested party and previously forwarded to the intended recipient. Solicitations, junk mail and obviously frivolous or inappropriate communications will not to be forwarded, but will be made available to any non-management director who wishes to review them.